April 20, 2018

Life Hacks: Tips for Hanging Framed Art

Hanging new art in your home can be a time consuming, frustrating struggle.  I’ve put together some of my best tips for making art-hanging simple.  Enjoy!

Know where you want to hang it


Don’t wing it!  Make sure you know exactly where you want to hang your art before you start nailing holes in the wall.  If you’re hanging several pieces together, try cutting pieces of paper or cardboard that are the exact size of each and taping them to the wall for reference.


Afraid of hammering your own fingers?


If you’re nervous about hitting your fingers while hammering a nail into the wall, try using a comb as a quick solution!  Slide the nail between two of the comb’s tines to hold it in place without jeopardizing your fingertips!


Use toothpaste to make sure your nail is in the right spot


Put a dab of toothpaste on the back of your frame where the nail will go.  Press the frame in the spot you want it on the wall, and voíla! A mark where your nail should go that’s easily wiped away.


Until next time!