May 18, 2018

Life Hacks: Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

Starting to feel the heat of summer?  It’s time to get strategic about keeping your home cool.  These simple tips and tricks will make all the difference and keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months.


Keep blinds closed during the day

Leaving blinds open during the day turns your home into a greenhouse!  Keep your blinds closed while you’re at work to keep the cool in and the sun’s heat out.


Open all the windows at night

When the sun goes down the the outdoors start to cool off, open all the windows and let that cool air in.  Free air conditioning!


Bust out the grill

There’s lots of reasons we love barbecuing in the summer, but taking the cooking outside is also a great way to keep your home from warming up!  Ovens and other appliances expel huge amounts of heat into your home, especially while you’re cooking.


Cool down your body

Start with you!  Put cold cloths on your neck and wrists, and make sure to stay hydrated.  


Until next time…