February 23, 2018

Curated List: DIY Olive Oil Body Care

Earlier this month, I interviewed Glenn and Kimm from All of Oils and learned all about olive oil and its health benefits.  Since then, I’ve been curious about turning olive oil into body care products.  After some research, I’ve found there are many simple recipes for skin, body and hair care products that use olive oil and don’t have any chemical “mystery” ingredients.  I’ve made a list of natural olive oil body care products you can make at home!

1. Just take a shot of olive oil

Apparently taking a shot of olive oil every morning is something many swear by for it’s health benefits, including weight loss and healthy skin.


2. Natural lip balm

I found this easy recipe for lip balm made with olive oil– add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to give your lip balm a soothing flavour.


3. Shaving cream

Commercial shaving creams are often filled with chemicals and dyes and can still leave your skin dry, irritated and itchy.  This homemade shaving recipe has 6 ingredients, including lavender essential oil.  It’s bound to keep your skin moisturized and smooth!


4. Healing salve

Made of essential oils, olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax, this healing salve is great for dry hands, lips, and even burns, rashes and bites!


5. Crock pot soap

This soap is natural, makes a great gift, and is easy to make in your slow cooker!


6. Scrub

This simple scrub will make keep your skin healthy and vibrant!


For more great olive oil body care tips and recipes, check out my full board on Pinterest!

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