April 12, 2018

Curated List: How to Choose Art for Your Home


Choosing art for your home can be challenging and frustrating.  It’s hard to know what will look good and where to look!  Here are my tips for selecting your new collection:


Know where you want to put it up

It’s important to have an idea of where you’d like to put art up in your home.  While looking for art, have at least a particular room in mind that you can envision it in!


Know what size piece will look good in your space

It’s important to get a piece of art that’s the right size for the room, space, or wall you have in mind.  Too big an art piece in a small room will make the room look crowded; too small a piece on a big wall will just look out of place!


Pick something that’s “you”

Chances are you’ll spend a pretty penny on art for your new home.  Make sure you pick art that reflects who you are! Don’t pick something trendy just for the sake of it, or the space it’s in won’t feel like your own.  Try to find art that speaks to you!


Imagine art as anything, not just wall paintings

Make sure to include all kinds of visual art in your search: paintings, photography, sculpture, hanging art, and other types of installations.  You never know what will become the perfect piece of art for your space. Consider collecting vintage tools or other items and attaching them to a wall for a unique creative flair!


Try using online stores

There are many online stores that sell originals and prints from contemporary and classical artist.  Some good ones are society6.com, saatchiart.com, and minted.com