March 23, 2018

#AskArchie: How to Relieve Stress

Earlier this month, I interviewed Kirsten from Whole Body Health and Wellness and learned lots about her practice, and how its therapeutic services help people in Maple Ridge and its surrounding area work through physical pain and emotional unease in a natural and holistic way.  Today I’m sharing my favourite tips to relieve stress- something we all experience at some point or another.


1. Deep breathing

In stressful moments, it can be very helpful to remove yourself from a situation and spend a few minutes focusing on your breathing.  Take deep breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth), and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can feel more calm.

2. Meditation

Anyone who has tried meditation will tell you it can help you relax and think more about your body!  There are many apps and websites that can aid you in meditation, as well as classes at any local yoga studio that focus on this skill.

3. Talk about it

Sometimes all we need to relieve stress is to talk about what is stressing us out!  Call up a friend or family member and ask if you can vent.  If you’re stressed out about something that’s very complex or that you don’t feel comfortable talking to a friend about, a counsellor is a great option- even if you just see them once to talk through one problem!

4. Treat yourself

Self care is important- maybe it’s time you treat yourself to a massage, spa treatment, or other therapeutic service!  A professional practitioner of one of these services might be able to find a physical problem that’s causing at least part of your stress.


Check out my interview with Whole Body Health and Wellness.


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